Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Critical Thinking/Making Connections

Making Connections Through "Reading"

After spending three school terms on researching the human skin, a basic connection can be made, and that is how the "function" of the skin plays a key role in determining our health. For my first term LiD project, I focused on the basic concepts of the skin (layers of skin and history of skin), and for the second term, I chose to do my research on common skin disorders and finally, my last term LiD project centers around skin pigmentation and how that determines the color of skin. All those three term projects share numerous connections between one another, and the most important one that I will point out is the fact that they all revolve around the idea of health issues and how that can affect us.
When I first started on the research, I did not have the slightest thought of focusing my project on the different types of skin disorders as that was not the initial intention. However, as I began my research, I found out that almost every single detail of the skin has somewhat of a relation to a specific kind of disease. For example, for my term one project, I was only thinking about doing research on the history of the skin (past, present and future) when I found out what a "skin cell gun" was. The idea of a skin cell gun is to heal the wounded soldier faster, which is related to the health issues. Likewise, for my second and third LiD projects, I was only interested in finding the determinant of skin color when I found out what an "albinism" is. Albinism is a type of skin pigmentation disorder that is caused by the absence of melanin. (for more elaboration, please refer to "Albinism (Skin Pigmentation Disorder)") As a result, I was rather surprised by how closely related the skin is in terms of the connection that can be made. 

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